UPDATE: All proposed changes mentioned in the below story were approved by Midwest Energy's Board of Directors on May 17, 2021; changes go into effect July 1, 2021.

Midwest Energy's Board of Directors will consider proposed natural gas rate changes that would raise an additional $1.与目前的增长率相比,每年增长了0.4亿美元.  这一增长将支持管道安全费用, reliability improvements and operating expense increases since the last general rate case in 2016.

这项建议包括实施一个公式费率, eliminating the current 气体 Infrastructure Rider and Ad Valorem Rider.  The formula rate would incorporate capital additions and expense increases not currently covered by those two riders, resulting in an annual rate adjustment for all the prior year’s capital additions and operating expense changes.

If adopted, the new rates would result in an average residential increase of 98¢ per month 与基于2020年使用量的当前费率相比.  Rate design changes include increasing the fixed xf881兴发手机版 customer charge by $1 to $19, and eliminating the current 气体 Infrastructure Rider and Ad Valorem (property tax) Rider for all classes.  The combination of these items reduces the xf881兴发手机版 customer charge by a small amount.   

The Board of Directors will consider all proposed changes at an open meeting that occurs May 17, 2021年1便士.m.  由于大流行,客户可以在线参加会议.  可以登录到会议 在这里; alternately, you may dial into the meeting by phone by calling 1-; when prompted for the meeting number, 输入 .  另外, a  "Town Hall" meeting to discuss the gas rate changes was held April 8, 2021; a video of that meeting is 可以在这里.




A:  The costs of capital improvements plus operating and administrative expenses have increased since the last general rate case in 2016.  Annual adjustments such as the 气体 Infrastructure Rider and Ad Valorem (property tax) Rider adjusted automatically to cover property taxes and most capital additions.  然而, 其他费用,如工资, 车辆, 工具, 而且自动驾驶汽车不包括保险.  Every few years Midwest Energy changes its base rates to match those expenses.  This proposal replaces the current base rate and riders with a formula rate resulting in an annual rate adjustment for the prior year’s capital additions and operating expense changes.


Q:  What’s the purpose of the customer charge, and will it change?

A: The customer charge is intended to cover costs that vary more closely with the number of customers served rather than the amount of gas consumed.  例子包括米, 监管机构, 院子里行, 抄表, 账单和客户服务功能. 在汇率变动下, 基本xf881兴发手机版客户收费每月增加1美元, to $19, 但是,1美元.42 气体 Infrastructure Rider will be removed, leaving a net fixed charge decrease of $.每月42.  xf881兴发手机版送货费将从13.每热5到16美分. 


Q: What is the change to the customer charge for other rate classes?

A:  The change in the customer charge varies according to rate schedule.  The existing customer charge plus 气体 Infrastructure Rider and the proposed customer charge with the 气体 Infrastructure Rider removed are shown below.









A:  An independent cost-of-service study was performed to fairly assign costs across rate classes.  根据费率分类和消费, 影响会有所不同——一个整体的法案可能会增加或减少.   A residential customer will see the following monthly bills (before taxes) for the indicated therms used, 假设每热燃气成本为50美分:







商业 retail customers will see the following bills (before taxes):



是的,好几份运价表都修改过了.  点击这里阅读所有修订建议 费率表和取消费率表.



答:xf881兴发手机版公司上一次全面上调电价是在2016年.  xf881兴发手机版公司努力控制成本, and by employing cost-saving technology and improved procedures we have kept our rates stable for several years.  然而, a 2019 cost-of-service study revealed the need to update our rate structures. 


Q:  Who determines when a rate increase is necessary, and by how much?

A:  Midwest Energy’s Executive Staff continuously monitors the financial stability of the cooperative and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors to determine if or when a rate increase is necessary.  建立新的费率结构, 一个独立的, experienced firm was hired to review and recommend changes to our rates.


Q:  How do Midwest Energy’s rates compare to other gas utilities in Kansas? 

A:  Midwest Energy’s xf881兴发手机版 and 商业 natural gas delivery rates historically have consistently been the lowest in the state compared to the other Kansas gas utilities.  作为建议, Midwest Energy’s xf881兴发手机版 gas rates will remain among the lowest with 商业 rates still being the lowest compared to the other Kansas gas utilities. 


Q:  Will Midwest Energy still have a Cold Weather Rule to prevent service disconnection in the winter?

是的.  The rate changes don’t impact the Cold Weather Rule (CWR) for residential customers. 


Q:  What is the effective date of the new rates, and when would I see them on my bill?

A:  The rates go into effect with the first billing cycle based on 抄表s dated no sooner than July 1, 2021.


Q:  Is the rate increase proposal a result of the deployment of automated metering infrastructure?

A:  Midwest Energy is always looking for ways to better serve you more efficiently.  The automated metering system has already and will continue to provide operational efficiencies, 控制成本, 提高服务的可靠性. 



A:  Customers may send comments regarding the proposed rate changes to Midwest Energy no later than May 7, 2021.  Comments should be addressed to Bob Muirhead, VP for Customer Service, at bmuirhead@assurances-autos-malus.com


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